Feedback Digest

This feedback digest was produced by an independent reviewer:


Mark has consistently scored very highly when users were asked for their overall impression and when asked if they were likely to use him as mediator again or recommend Mark as a mediator to others, the response was positive, with no exceptions. He has also been rated very highly for his skills and abilities as a mediator and his management of the mediation process and end result. All users have commended his ability to resolve most of the issues at the mediation. There has never been any reportable negative feedback from any user.


Described as ‘dogged’ and very proactive in the lead up to the mediation day, Mark manages to focus the parties even before the mediation, which secures a level of cooperation between the parties. It is obvious that he reads all the papers and understands the case. This gives the parties confidence in his ability to manage the process effectively.


Mark has worked with many users who have experienced the mediation process for the first time. These clients have been ‘very impressed’ and describe his style as ‘quietly efficient’. Users felt that Mark got to the crux of the issues very quickly. The whole process was enjoyed and the mediator found to be very amiable. Mark was seen to have a very good manner coupled with a knowledgeable and calming disposition. The outcome at the mediation was positive, yet unexpected and probably would not have occurred had it not been for the mediation process. Mark has an ability to force the parties to confront the issues and consider their positions.

Other first time users also commented that they were impressed with Mark. Their reason for this was seeing how quickly he grasped the legal and commercial issues and identified the parties’ respective pressure points. He remained sufficiently impartial and clients felt confident in his neutrality, whilst never shirking from expressing a view when appropriate. Mark has a non-judgemental approach and will put each parties’ case well to the other. On one occasion, Mark was applauded for maintaining momentum throughout a long and difficult day which ended in a welcomed commercial and pragmatic, sensible settlement.

Other feedbacks have described Mark as an excellent mediator – he couldn’t be rated highly enough. The user stressed that the mediation settled purely because of the way Mark conducted the mediation. Mark’s style has been described as balanced, relaxed and conducive to assist in attempting to resolve the dispute. He is seen to be fair and just and easy to understand. Mark will confidently put forward ideas none of the parties would have thought of prior to the mediation, whilst balancing this with not trying to push people. In one particular mediation, the user didn’t think the parties would have achieved such an outcome at a trial, as Mark’s ability to grasp the issues very quickly was useful from the outset of his instruction. ‘On the day of the mediation Mark facilitated a number of very helpful discussions being firm when necessary, but in a non-confrontational manner. Mark’s determination to facilitate a settlement was particularly impressive’. Mark has been commended on how he is prepared to give feedback to the clients as to where he is surprised by their position/approach. He is able to offer his view without advising on the case and his comments can be instrumental in the parties achieving a deal. Mark has been commended on managing to maintain momentum throughout so that users do not get bored and lose interest.


Mark has been identified as a highly skilled and competent mediator for all manner of corporate and commercial disputes. He has been recognized for his efficiency and neutrality, whilst maintaining a consistent pro-active approach in his role as facilitator.