Mediation Testimonials

He is now a very experienced and competent commercial mediator and is held in high regard both by his peers and users. A consistent theme from the feedback is Mark's diligent preparation for mediations which gives confidence to both parties and their advisors that Mark has a "full grasp of the issues", "getting to the nub of the issue quickly" and so quickly "gains their trust" and "gives parties confidence". Several users referred to his skill and tenacity, not only in getting parties to a settlement but also in following up when cases did not settle own the day. One comment stated that Mark handled the mediation process with "skill and diplomacy". Overall Mark can be seen as, in the words of one commentator, "a top class mediator”

I instructed Mark to act as mediator in relation to an acrimonious solicitors partnership dispute. Mark carefully listened to my clients’ concerns and gained their trust from an early stage. Mark made sensible suggestions as to how to effectively progress the mediation and we were able to achieve a favourable settlement which provided the required clean break for the parties. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to act as mediator.

Mark Mattison acted in an acrimonious dispute regarding the deferred payment due to the vendor on a earn out. The summaries of the dispute were sent to Mark approx. a week before the mediation. It was evident to all at the mediation that he had a full grasp of the issues in dispute between the parties. After the joint session of which Mark handled with diplomacy and skill the parties retired to their own rooms. Mark skilfully over a period of many hours reduced at each caucus, the amount separating the parties . By the process of emphasising the litigation risks by the end of the day the difference was below £10k. Mark took the view that he would postpone the mediation for two weeks for each party to consider the progress. During the next few days Mark continued by telephone to cajole each party and eventually settled the dispute to the satisfaction of the parties. Having known Mark for many years he is and will continue to be our first point of contact on any forthcoming dispute.

I have known Mark as a top class mediator for many years now. However I have recently had the opportunity to observe him ‘behind the scenes’ as part of my own training as a mediator. I knew Mark was a calm and collected mediator giving the parties confidence in the process, but it was interesting to see how he gets to the nub of the issue quickly and uses this to develop his strategy during the mediation. He took a methodical approach, taking several different approaches as matters developed, ultimately resulting in a successful settlement.

He came to the mediation thoroughly prepared and with a solid grasp of the issues. Throughout he was calm, patient, energetic and enthusiastic, seeking always to engender a spirit of compromise.

Managed to challenge with such finesse that the parties did not react badly.

Mark provides value and benefit at every part of the process.

Without your personality and your sheer persuasiveness I do not doubt that this matter would have trundled on to the disadvantage of everyone involved.

Probably the best mediator I have had in the 10 or so mediations that I have taken part in. He played the whole day perfectly. He took an evaluative approach but not to the extent of making comments on who would win or lose the litigation.

Our first experience of Mark and we were impressed. He quickly grasped the legal and commercial issues and knew the parties' respective pressure points. He remained sufficiently impartial whilst never shirking from expressing a view when appropriate. He maintained momentum throughout a long and difficult day and it ended gladly in a commercial and pragmatic settlement.

Quick and thorough grasp of the issues from the outset.

Very direct - no messing, which is what is needed.

Probably the best mediator I have had in the ten or so mediations that I have taken part in. Mark played the whole day perfectly.

Mark has a very efficient style, maintaining good momentum and effective control in his mediations. He is calm, clear and thoughtful. He works patiently towards practical solutions